How To Get Rid Of Lizards

For a large majority of people lizards are a source of fear, disgust and a lot annoyance. These creepy creatures stay in the corners of your house and spring up on you out of nowhere. While they do keep the house free of mosquitoes, spiders and other pests out they are just really an unwelcoming…

For a large majority of people lizards are a source of fear, disgust and a lot annoyance. These creepy creatures stay in the corners of your house and spring up on you out of nowhere.

While they do keep the house free of mosquitoes, spiders and other pests out they are just really an unwelcoming sight when you are getting ready to sleep or eating your dinner.

Lizards do not bite humans and actually run away from human contact but nonetheless, having them inside your house is just fun.

Small lizards are common household pests, found in areas with a lot of vegetation. They often enter the house in search of prey as mosquitoes are attracted to lights inside the house.

Since any benefit that they have to offer is far outweighed by your disgust and fear of them, we have compiled a list of methods and remedies that you can use to keep lizards out of your house.

get rid of lizards

1. Get Rid of the Source:

Lizards, by nature, do not infest households like other pests. They mostly live outdoors and only come in your house in search of food.

When there are a lot of mosquitoes and other insects in your house, the lizards are bound to come. To get rid of the lizards, you need to get rid of the reason they come in.

Once you eliminate insects and other bugs from your house, you will see a drastic fall in lizard appearances in your house.

You can use bug repelling sprays and insecticides to get rid of insects. Don’t turn on your outdoor lights unnecessarily as it attracts mosquitoes; if you must use one, go for a yellow lights or sodium vapour lights. Also, avoid leaving the front door open during evening and night time, or use a mesh door to keep the bugs out while letting air come in.

2. Keep your House Clean

You have to make your inhospitable for the lizard, as well as other pests. And no, just projecting your hatred on them won’t work because they cannot sense your emotions; so you’ll have to do some real work about that.

Keeping your house clean is a very basic way to make it unwelcoming for pests. Usually, people clean the surface area of the house, i.e. the area most visible and leave it at that. But food crumbs get into places that you don’t often clean such as behind the cupboards, under the bed, underneath the sofa cushion, the insides of kitchen cabinets and others.

These crumbs coupled with darkness and sometimes dampness make a perfect hiding spot for lizards as well as other pests like rodents or rats. It is important that you thoroughly clean your house at least once a week.

The unhygienic environment also attracts mosquitoes, spiders and other bugs which in turn attract lizards in search of food.

To prevent bugs and pests from infesting your house, take care of how clean the house is.

  • Take out the garbage every day
  • Don’t let the damp settle anywhere – keep it dry and clean.
  • Fold away the pile clothes lying in your bedroom.
  • Avoid hanging too many pictures as lizards like to hide behind them.
  • Keep your furniture at least 6 inches away from the wall to provide for easy cleaning and no dark hidden corners.
  • Keep naphthalene balls in you storage boxes or cupboards if you don’t use it much.
  • Fix any leaky faucets or pipes as it causes dampness.
  • Turn down the heat as often as possible, as much as you can. Lizards like warmth and the coldness will probably drive them out.

3. Don’t Allow them to Get in

Lizards can get in through small cracks or crawl under the doors by squishing their body. You need to set up fortification to prevent them from coming in.

Firstly, don’t leave your front door or windows around the house open all the time, especially in the evening. The light inside the house attracts mosquitoes which attract lizards and before you know it, you have a disgusting creature living in your house full time.

If you need to open the door and windows for ventilation or just because of the view, install a mesh or net door or a screen. These doors allow air to come in and go out, give you access to the view and keep bugs and pests out.

Check the exteriors of your house and look for any cracks and holes. Fill spaces with some calk, fix holes in screens and repair openings around doors. Place mothballs around your windows as lizards don’t like their smell.

4. Place Egg Shells around your House

An effective and economical method, the idea of placing egg shells around the house has been passed on from generations. It is a traditional remedy that your grandparents would have probably used to send lizards out of the house and keep them there.

Lizards hate the smell of eggs and are also afraid of them as they think them to be predator eggs (birds eat lizards). Keep the shells in the holes in your walls, behind furniture – basically any dark hiding place. Keep them hidden as they might seem weird to your visitors if the shells are just strewn around in the house.

It is advisable to replace the egg shells every 5 -6 weeks. You can use eggs of any poultry bird but go for the ones you like as this way you can also enjoy the nutritional benefits of egg while keeping the lizards away.

5. Use Bird Feathers

Birds prey on lizards so it’s no surprise that lizards are afraid of birds. While you can get a bird if you want to (you’d have to let it go loose around the house so maybe don’t), using bird feathers is just as effective.

Get a cluster of feathers, either order online or buy them from a pet shop. Arrange them together and put in a place of height, away from the reach of children and pets.

The sight of feathers scares the lizards away. Place them in areas where lizards often frequent. Use tapes to stick them to the wall or put them in a vase like holder that is hung in the wall or kept at a height.

While you can use feathers of any bird, peacock feathers are recommended since they also provide an enhanced aesthetic look of the house.

6. Garlic and Onion

Both can be used separately and in combination. The smells of onion and garlic are repugnant to lizards and they don’t go in area where the smell of either of them is prevalent.

Hang around 6 – 7 garlic cloves around your house, especially near doors and windows to prevent them from coming in. You can also place some in the corners of the house.

Cut some onions and place the slices near doors, windows and other entrances. Or else, keep them in the areas encroached by the lizards. The lizards will soon go away.

You can also combine the effectiveness of both onion and garlic by making spray water. Grind together onion and garlic in equal quantities and mix some water in it. Pour down this mixture in a spray bottle. Now spray around the house and in the corners to keep the lizards away.

7. Make a Pepper Spray

Instead of buying one available in the markets, you can make your own pepper spray at minimal cost. Pepper has loads of benefits and this one of them.

Just mix together 2 teaspoons of ground black pepper, 1 ½ teaspoon of red chili powder and water. Put the mixture in a spray bottle and spray it in the area where lizards are often seen. You might want to avoid going in that area for some time.

Alternatively, you can use a Tabasco chili sauce and mix it with water. Use the mixture to spray away lizards. The odor of spicy sprays is repugnant to lizards, which is why you won’t find them lurking around once you spray.

8. Coffee and Tobacco Powder Balls

Mixing coffee powder and tobacco to make it into tiny balls is a lethal way of getting rid of lizards.

Mix equal amounts of coffee powder and tobacco and add a little water to stick them together into a small ball.

Place these balls behind cupboards, under the bed, in the holes and cracks on your walls. Lizards will eat them up and die.

All you have to do now is to get rid of the dead bodies with care. Pick them up wearing gloves and wrap them in a paper or use a broom to sweep it in a box. Now close the lids of the box and throw it away from your house.

9. Get a Cat

Cats are cute, fluffy little pets with nice fur to pet and cuddle them. They are also vivacious hunters.

Cats are good not only at hunting mice but also lizards, cockroaches and other bugs. While all cats have a hunting nature, some of them don’t hunt because they are too domesticated or just plain lazy.

When adopting a cat, take a toy with you. Dangle it in front of the cats and see which ones go for it immediately and keep concentrating on it. These are the ones you want to adopt.

But getting a pet just for getting rid of lizards is not a practical idea. Once you adopt a pet, there are certain responsibilities that come with it. Make sure you are ready to take in a pet.

10. Place Naphthalene balls

While you might know naphthalene balls as an effective way to keep away small bugs and insects, they can help with keeping away lizards.

Put some balls in your cupboards and shelves. The smell of naphthalene balls repels these slimy creatures and therefore, they tend to stay away from places where these balls are kept.

Make sure to keep it away from the reach of pets and children as they can swallow these balls, which is harmful for their health.

11. Splash some Cold Water

Lizards are extremely sensitive to temperature. When you see a lizard, splash some ice cold water on it. The sudden change in temperature will shock the lizard and make it immobile.

While the lizard is in shock and unable to move, use a broom to bring down the lizard and sweep it in a box. Throw the box away.

This method is more of an on the spot remedy rather than something you have to prepare.Keep a bottle of cold water in handy near the area where you often see lizards and splash it on them.

12. Use a Mouse Trap

Mouse traps are a great way to catch some mice. Turns out, they are also effective for lizards.Place the traps in areas where lizards frequent and leave it there. You can also place them at the entrances, but be careful to keep away pets and children. Soon, you’ll have a dead lizard to throw away.

10 Super Foods to Counter Anemia

Medical community defines anemia as ‘a medical condition that develops when your blood lacks enough healthy red blood cells or hemoglobin.’ Hemoglobin is the main part of the red blood cells and binds oxygen. If you have too few or abnormal red blood cells, your body will not get enough oxygen. Anemia is a common…

Medical community defines anemia as ‘a medical condition that develops when your blood lacks enough healthy red blood cells or hemoglobin.’

Hemoglobin is the main part of the red blood cells and binds oxygen. If you have too few or abnormal red blood cells, your body will not get enough oxygen.

Anemia is a common problem and affects about 3.5 million Americans. There are about 400 types of anemia but the most common one is the iron – deficiency anemia.

Iron – deficiency anemia while being the most common type is also the most easily treatable one. Increasing your dosage of iron intake via iron rich foods and iron supplements can easily reverse iron – deficiency anemia.

superfoods for anemia

Symptoms of anemia include

  • Constant fatigue
  • Shortness of breath
  • Rapid pulse
  • Increased heart rate
  • Pale or yellowish complexion
  • Dizziness or light headedness
  • Chest pain
  • Cold feet and hands
  • Weakness
  • Headache

If you have iron – deficiency anemia, you should be aware that it is easily reversible by eating the right kind of food.

Here is a list of super foods you can eat to counter anemia:

1. Spinach

You might know this leafy vegetable from the popular cartoon Mr. Popeye. Any time he needed strength; he’d pop open a can of spinach and gulp it down.

While you don’t have to fight off evil villains lurking around corner, you do have to fight anemia. And spinach is exactly the food to help you do it.

Spinach, apart from being a rich source of iron, also contains calcium, Vitamins A, B9, E and C, iron, fiber and beta carotene which will help you improve your overall health.

You can increase the amount of spinach in your green leaf vegetable salad or boil some spinach leaves in a cup of water, add some seasoning and make it a soup.

2. Beetroot

Beetroot contains so much iron that eating beetroot daily for short periods of time can combat iron – deficiency iron.

Apart from increasing your level of hemoglobin, beetroots helps in relieving constipation, reduces cholesterol levels, increase the level of antioxidant enzymes in the body, as well as increase the number of white blood cells, which are responsible for detecting and eliminating abnormal cells.

Beets are also one of the richest sources of glutamine, an amino acid, essential to the health and maintenance of the intestinal tract.

3. Peanut Butter

Would you believe it? Your all time favorite PB&J sandwich could actually help with anemia. Peanut butter is a good source of iron and just 2 tablespoons daily would be enough to combat anemia.

Just load it up on two slices of bread, add your favorite condiment (jelly/jam) and have a filling snack between meals.

If, by some weird chance, you don’t like the taste of peanut butter, you can substitute it with a handful of roasted peanuts. Keep some with you at work and pop them as your work.

4. Eggs

Eggs are a great food item for your overall health. They contain very little calories and are a source of proteins and good cholesterol while also containing loads of vitamins and minerals including iron.

An average sized egg is said to contain 0.6 mg of iron while a large egg contains 1 mg of it. Eating one egg daily is sufficient to compensate for your iron deficiency.

You can eat boiled eggs in breakfast or poach or scramble them – there are a million ways to inculcate eggs in your daily diet. They are a good source of protein and will keep you powered till late afternoon.

5. Soybeans

Soybeans are the richest source of iron in vegetarian category. They are in fact the main source of iron for people who do not eat meat and other non – vegetarian food.

Soybean is a low fat and high protein food that fights anemia but to get the maximum benefit out of it, it is important that you cook it right.

You need to soak the soy beans in warm water overnight to reduce the phytic acid in the beans. Phytic acid occurs naturally in the beans and interferes with the absorption of iron in the body.

6. Organ Meats

Organ meats are extremely nutritious, containing high amounts of iron. Meat from the liver of chicken, pigs and cows are a good addition to your diet if you are looking to fight anemia. Other types include kidneys, brain and heart.

But while they are a good source of iron, including them in daily diet might do more harm than good as they also contain high amounts of saturated fat and calories.

Ideally, once or twice a week is good but anymore than that would have to take into consideration your overall health. If you are suffering from a heart disease or are overweight, then maybe organ meat is not a good idea for you.

7. Tomatoes

While tomatoes themselves contain very little iron, they are rich in vitamin C which helps in the absorption of iron.

It is anyway hard to ingest sufficient iron but what makes matter worse is that our bodies are sometimes unable to completely absorb the iron found in foods.

Vitamin C helps our body absorb iron per unit energy. This is due to workings of ascorbic acid that prevents the formation of insoluble and non – absorbable iron compounds in your body.

Apart from vitamin C, tomatoes also contain beta carotene, fiber and vitamin E – all of which are great for your overall health.

It is recommended that you include one raw tomato in your diet for daily consumption. You can add it in a salad or just eat it raw, sprinkled with some seasoning of your choice.

8. Whole Grain Bread

One slice of whole grain bread is said to contain about 6% of the daily required iron or your body. It is a very good source of non-heme iron and will help the body to fight deficiency of iron effectively.

You can replace your daily white bread with whole grain bread, eating at least 2 – 3 slices daily to boost your iron levels.

Some might think that because whole grains contain phytic acid it might inhibit iron absorption but since whole grain bread is prepared through fermenting process, the phytic acid inhibitors in the grains are significantly lowered.

9. Nuts and Seeds

Plant-based proteins, such as nuts, seeds and beans all offer significant amounts of iron. People can consume a variety of nuts and seeds such as pistachio, apricot and pumpkin seeds to get high iron.

Also, plant-based sources of iron contain lesser calories and more healthy fats. Therefore, they may be a healthy option for a person struggling with weight or at risk for heart disease.

You can for a handful of pistachios, which are the best source of iron as it contains 15 mg of iron in 100 grams of nuts. You can also mix them up with apricots.

In addition, pumpkin seeds are also good for fighting anemia. They also contain vitamin K, zinc and manganese and are among the best sources of magnesium, which many people are deficient in.

The advantage nuts and seeds have over foods is you can have them on the go. Just fill some up in a small plastic container that you can store in your bag and keep popping them during your commute or while you are working.

10. Seafood

Sea food is known for its many health benefits. It is good for your heart, promotes good cholesterol and fat and contains loads of nutrients.

Popular fatty fish like salmon, tune as well as other seafood items like oysters and clams are a great source of iron and can significantly improve the iron levels in your body.

It is said that pacific oysters contain 7.2 mg of iron per 100 gram servings while shellfish contains heme iron which your body is able to absorb more easily.

Try to include fatty fishes or seafood at least three times a week to help in preventing anemia. You can take roasted or baked salmon thrice a week to boost iron levels in your body.


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Breakfast Ideas for Diabetic Patients

Breakfast is an important meal of the day for everyone. Proper breakfast provides you with the energy to function throughout the day, or at least till the lunch hour. It is the first meal of your day and it sets the tone for how your day is going to be; lethargic or energetic. For people…

Breakfast is an important meal of the day for everyone. Good breakfast supplies you with the energy to operate through the day, or till the dinner hour. It is the very first meal of the daily life and it sets the tone for your day will be; lethargic or energetic.

For people with type two diabetes, breakfast consists of even more prominence. Eating a full breakfast with proper nutrients is linked to aiding in weight loss, which may in turn improve the blood glucose levels and insulin sensitivity.

Also, skipping breakfast can make you feel tempted towards food with high sugar levels.

According to research printed in American Diabetes Association at 2015, skipping breakfast leads to spikes in blood sugar after dinner and lunch, in people with type two diabetes. It was also found to adversely impact the efficacy of the human body in processing blood glucose. This usually means that the body’s capacity to convert glucose into energy is decreased.

Eating breakfast is also known to reduce the chance of diabetes. Which is the reason, eating a healthful breakfast is so crucial. Here are some ideas for breakfast for diabetics:

breakfast for diabetics

1. Eggs:

Eggs are considered a fantastic food choice for people with diabetes. Eggs have elevated protein content and less carbohydrates, which does not increase your glucose levels. They’re also low in calories and may be prepared in several of ways.

Scrambled Eggs and Toast- This traditional breakfast dish is a pretty healthy solution for diabetics and non-diabetics alike. Just scramble the egg at a skillet in order to reduce the total amount of cooking oil and then love with a whole wheat toast. You can top it with a low speedy cream cheese, if you want.

Hard-boiled Eggs- All these are easy to make and can be ready beforehand for the whole week. Just make a batch for the 6 times in 1 session and then save the hassle and time for the rest of the days.

Eggs Benedict- Another popular breakfast option, eggs Benedict are a healthy option. Don’t forget to use light sour cream and fat free milk. Also, go for a whole wheat English muffin rather than bread ones.

Eggs and Tortilla- That is a fast breakfast idea. Scramble the eggs at a skillet, use a spray spray if possible. Now place the egg in a whole wheat tortilla and add a few chopped tomatoes. Pour some sauce onto it and then consume it on the go.

2. Fruits:

Fruits are healthful , period. They are great for everyone and are fun to eat. It doesn’t hurt that they look great also, aside from tasting yummy.

Diabetics may eat certain fruits uncooked; some can be mixed with yogurt while some may be turned into yummy dishes. Here are a Few of the ways you can eat them:

Raw and Brand New –  berries like orange, grapefruits have high vitamin C content. Oranges also contain folate and potassium which can help in regulating glucose .
Apples are also packed with fiber and vitamins. Berries are good antioxidants, while kiwis have reduced carbohydrate material. Pears, peaches and peanuts are a fantastic alternative also.

Create a Smoothie: Take 1/2 a cup of non-fat plain Greek yogurt, 2tbsp of low fat milk and 1/2 tbsp of fruit. Now combine it all together. Pour it into a glass and sprinkle some cinnamon on it, if you like. In addition, your uber cool and wholesome drink is prepared to go!

Fruit Salad- Dice your favorite fruits into small cubes and blend them together into a bowl. You are able to elect for pineapple, apple, carrots, mango, kiwi, strawberries or Clementine. Add a carrot juice, salt to taste and sprinkle it with pepper. Add 2 tablespoons of powdered sugar to combat the tangy flavor. That you go. Your own berry salad is about to be consumed.

It may likewise be refrigerated and eaten at a subsequent time. Anyway, it tastes delicious when chilled. Do not store for at least 3 days.

Berries and unsalted – You can make your whole wheat cereal much fitter and delicious by adding half a cup of fresh fruits such as strawberries and blueberries. Also, remember to utilize low fat milk when eating your breakfast cereal.

3. Oatmeal:

Oatmeal is your most secure, most nutritious and tasty breakfast option there is, particularly if your glucose levels are not really high\. It contains 4 grams of fiber per cup which keeps the blood sugar levels stable. It’s also keeps you hydrated, hence helping you eat less throughout the day.

It’s very fast to prepare or you’ll be able to purchase the pre-prepared ones out of the marketplace although these have high glucose content. The healthier alternative is to buy steel Irish or cut yogurt and cook them using a rice cooker. You can add Greek yogurt, berries or nuts for additional flavor and nutrition.

Fast Oatmeal- Take 1/2 a cup of quick oats and combine it together with 1/2 a cup of water. Cook it in the microwave for around 1 minute or until the oats are cooked. Now add your preferred topping(s) into it, such as roasted nuts, dried fruits etc. ).

Route Mix Oatmeal- Require 1/2 cup granola, 8 sliced pecan halves and 2 tablespoon of raisins and then add it into a bowl of warm cooked oatmeal. Stir it to mix well. Now top it off with a few cinnamon. Your oatmeal is ready to go!

Banana Nut Oatmeal- Insert 40 oz of diced banana and 4 walnut halves to a bowl of hot cooked oatmeal. Mix well. You can serve it with a glass of skimmed milk.

4. Whole Grains:

Whole grains are grains that contain the whole grain, when compared with the refined grain which has just the endosperm. They are good for your gut movement and allow the development of good bacteria in the colon. Whole grains diet also lowers the risk of heart problems, weight gain and diabetes.

Muffin Parfait— Muffins are a national popular in this country, and therefore are a staple item in breakfasts. These little sized breads with individualistic portions are a good choice for breakfast.

Halve a bran muffin or other high-fiber muffin, insure with a negative of tomatoes, and top with a dollop of low- or nonfat yogurt to get a speedy and easy breakfast.

Whole Grain English Muffin— A whole grain English muffin is different in the American muffin, however since both of them are called muffin we contained them both here. Complete grain English muffins can be consumed with eggs or garnished with peanut butter/avocado/low fat ricotta.

These can be purchased in the marketplace and stored in the freezer. Just defrost and heat in the microwave when you need to eat them.

Whole Grains Bread— You’ll be able to use whole grain breads to make French toast or sandwiches. Top your French toast or sandwiches with a tbsp of peanut butter or no-sugar-added fruit instead of sour syrup.

Other Quick Ideas:

    • Take 1/2 cup of cottage cheese and blend it together with 1/2 a cup of canned peaches/pineapples/raspberries. Add a few nuts if you like.
    • Eat bagel thins by topping it with almond or peanut butter. This may provide with a healthy dose of carbs, proteins and fats.
    • Rather than drinking juice, eat fruit. Juices aren’t nearly as healthy as the fruits . Also, pre-packaged juices will likely contain high concentrations of sugar.
    • When preparing tea, add a cinnamon stick for it. It is possible to include cinnamon powder to grounded java when making coffee. Cinnamon lowers sugar levels in blood flow.
    • Drizzle 1-2 tablespoon of flax seeds onto your yogurt or cereal. They are full of protein, fiber and omega 3 fatty acids which protect the heart and maintain your blood sugar level in check.
    • Have oatmeal regularly, especially in winter. It keeps you from eating additional sugared foods because of how complete it makes you feel.

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Best Herbs and Herbs for Weight Loss

So, you can’t survive without those fat rich meals due to the appealing taste offered by them. Hold on! Here’s something exciting for you. From now onwards you can dive into a healthy eating regime without ignoring those wonderful flavors that tickle your taste buds the right way. The herbs and spices can be infused…

Thus, you can’t survive without these fat rich meals due to the appealing taste provided by them.

Hold on!

Here is something exciting to you. From today onwards you can dive into a healthful eating regime without disregarding those wonderful flavors that match your taste buds in exactly the right way. The herbs and spices may be combined with your low carb fat foods options, and your mind will give them full marks concerning flavor helping you shed your belly fat quicker.

herbs and spices for weight loss

What is special about them?

For thousands of years, spices have been used to convert bland foods into culinary delights. Though contemporary world is mindful of the antioxidant, antifungal, an anti-inflammatory and anti inflammatory attributes, a number of them have not realized the usage of spices in burning off body fat. You can rely on a few common spices and herbs to lose off those extra pounds from the entire body. Just make sure that you adhere to the usage of organic herbs and spices.

Here are few strong herbs and spices that you may add to your daily diet for weight reduction:

1. Cinnamon:

Cinnamon is supposed to be among the most effective fat burning spices. Make a habit to include it as little as 1/4 into 1/2 tsp per day on your daily meal and you might reduce your triglycerides and total cholesterol levels by 12 to 30 percent. Additionally, its use could help stabilize your blood sugar levels.
Other therapeutic benefits:
Regular use of cinnamon can help you avoid formation of blood clots. This spice can be recognized for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It is also rich in antioxidants called polyphenols.
Add a little cinnamon to your coffee or tea, smoothies, or utilize this spice in curry dishes and stews. Also, you can scatter it over your yogurt, morning oatmeal, cottage cheese, baked goods and vegetables.

2. Cayenne

Cayenne has got an amazing means of reducing your belly fat. Cayenne pepper is rich in capsaicin which is a well known found to increase satiety. Thus the feeling of fullness can help you to lower overall food consumption and maintain a check on your increasing weightreduction.
Other advantages:
Cayenne pepper is also well known for its cancer-protective, heart supportive, anti inflammatory and pain-relieving outcomes.
Add half teaspoon of cayenne pepper in to your favourite stir-fries, ethnic-inspired dishes or stews to hasten your weight-loss attempts.

3. Garlic

By eating phytochemicals-rich garlic regularly you may lessen your fat stores and body weight considerably. It is also found to decrease the effects of unhealthy diet to your own blood and liver.
Additional health benefits:
In addition to being a great antibacterial agent, garlic is also known to have numerous other health advantages such as blood pressure decrease, fighting inflammation, and lowering the chance of heart disease and protection against constipation.
it is possible to consume a garlic clove with little quantity of honey or rather simply wrap it in a lettuce leaf or add into a tomato slice. For optimum benefits, crush new garlic and let it sit for a minimum of 10 minutes before cooking. This can discharge the enzymes that were trapped inside the garlic and help retain decent amount of its valuable compounds.

4. Turmeric:

A research done over creatures has indicated that curcumin- rich turmeric’s antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects might decrease body fat.
Additional health advantages:
In addition to burning off your fat, garlic might also be employed when treating arthritis, digestive ailments, diseases and some cancers. Inflammation reduction is also associated with the compounds found in garlic.
Just a pinch of turmeric powder can add a warm, earthy odor and lovely taste to beef dishes, fish, vegetable curries and chutneys.

5. Black Pepper

Ever uttered that exactly the pungent-flavored black pepper? It helps you control your weight due to the presence of a component known as piperine that may interfere with the creation of new fat cell sand set off a metabolic reaction in your system. However, human affirmation is required to confirm that.
Additional health advantages:
Does black pepper burn extra fats, it also improves your digestion.
A pinch of black pepper may be utilized to make your curries more appetizing.

6. Mustard seeds:

The tiny curved seeds of mustard plants can improve your metabolism to a fantastic level as they’re found to have a thermogenic effect on the body. This is how they can help you get rid of weight and increase your total health.
Additional health benefits:
Mustard seeds are rich in substances that may inhibit the growth of cancer cells. They may also be helpful in breaking your chest congestion.
Keep your calorie consumption down by incorporating mustard seeds into your favorite vinaigrette. Drizzling on your salads, sandwiches, cooked string beans, asparagus or broccoli would be an additional amazing idea.

7. Ginger:

Primarily used as a diuretic in Indian medicines, ginger root might aid weight loss by boosting digestive juices, eliminating toxins and curbing appetite.
Other health benefits:
Ginger has the ability to fight inflammation, reduce pain and may function against migraines by blocking inflammatory substances called prostaglandins.
Instead of sweetening your oatmeal with sugartry a big pinch of ginger which might be a viable option for you.

8. Ginseng

By working as a natural appetite suppressant, the infusion obtained from ginseng berries could be successful against obesity.
Other health benefits:
as well as the weight reduction control, ginseng can be found useful in controlling blood glucose levels by producing sugar-lowering results. It can likewise be applied as a tonic to improve energy levels.
Drinking ginseng Tea is a wonderful way to modulate metabolism.

9. Green Tea

A new study done by scientists at Anglia Ruskin University discovered that decaffeinated variant of this green tea when coupled with exercise may assist in losing your fat. This might be a result of fat oxidation procedure occurring in your body.
Additional health benefits:
A chemical found in green tea could have the ability to kill mouth cancer cells while leaving healthy cells undamaged. So its ingestion is also helpful in treating oral cancer.
In line with the University of Maryland Medical Center, you may drink two to three cups of green tea daily to be able to receive sufficient quantity of its health-favoring active ingredients.

It’ll be extremely important to recognize there is not any magical wand to reduce weight. Though appetite suppressants are effective, but they just work till the time that you’re taking them. If utilized for long-term it may cause dependence and cause more serious health issues for you.

In conclusion, to lose those additional calories, it’s also wise to correct your eating habits along with the ingestion of those herbs and spices or you also may just regain any lost weight. In addition, don’t forget to inform your health care provider about the herbal remedies you are taking.
Huffington Post: The Best Way Herbs and Spices Can Assist You in Weight Loss How Does Green Tea Help You Loose Weight

10 Best Fiber Rich Foods You Ought to Eat

Everybody knows that fiber is good for your health. It aids in digestion, helps you lose weight, provides your body with energy and keeps the body functioning smoothly in general. But the modern diet fails to accounts for the much needed fiber. In fact, less than 5 percent Americans actually take in the recommended amount…

Everybody understands that fiber is beneficial for your wellbeing. It aids in digestion, can help you drop weight, provides your body with energy and keeps the body functioning smoothly in general.

Nevertheless, the modern diet neglects to account for the much needed fiber. In fact, less than 5% Americans really take in the recommended amount of fiber every day. This is most likely why there are so many individuals suffering from diseases brought on by low intake of fiber like, constipation, stroke, hypertension and heart disease.

Another problem is the Western diet is high in processed foods and animal based products, such as meat, cheese, milk and refined grain. These food items are bad sources of fiber.

To improve fiber content in our own bodies, we need to change to plant based products such as, Brussels sprouts, apples, lettuce, spinach and sweet grains such as brown rice, quinoa, barley etc..

sources of fiber

The reason why fiber is so important to our own body is because it is an essential part of those procedures that remove toxin and wastes. It will help to keep your colon clean, feed the good bacteria in our gut to keep it wholesome, and contribute to complete absorption of food nutrients so that you remain satiated for more time and you blood sugar remains at healthy levels.

Including fiber in your diet isn’t a hard procedure. There a number of fruits, vegetables and unrefined grains that contain sufficient amounts of fiber. The next food items should be included in your diet to satisfactorily meet your fiber requirements, which is 25 grams for women and 35 — 40 g for men:

1. Apples

This is just another way that an apple a day can keep the doctor manner. A medium sized apple, with skin, contains about 4.4 g of fiber.

This can be an economical and effortless way to meet your daily recommended fiber consumption. Simply keep a apple to bite on while you’re working. Or add them to your daily bowl of fresh fruit salad.

Aside from fiber, apples are also a great fit for the morning coffee and will help you stay awake during those boring hours of function as effectively as caffeine but without the damaging effects.

2. Broccoli

Yup, that is right. Your dreaded childhood vegetable is in fact perfect for your adult self as they’re a fantastic source of fiber.  

A cup of uncooked broccoli, chopped , has approximately 2.4 grams of fiber. Additional benefits include high dose of Vitamin C, Vitamin K, folate, B vitamins, potassium, iron and manganese antioxidants and potent cancer-fighting nourishment.

To cook steam, broccoli or sauté until it is bright green. Do not overcook it or else all the nutrients will be destroyed, leaving you with a bad tasting vegetable without the benefits to your body.

You can add raw broccoli into your vegetable salad, make a broccoli soupblend a few on your own protein shake, or you might simply include it as a side dish to your meat stuffed main class by steaming or baking broccoli and seasoning it with pepper and salt.

3. Chia Seeds

1 ounce of chia seeds contains 10 g of fiber! That’s the reason it comes under the class of high fiber foods. High fiber foods include 5 or 3 grams of fiber per serving.

You can consume chia seeds by drizzle a spoonful of dried chia seeds , celery smoothies or top off it on your own salad.   When adding them to yogurt or smoothies, mix them well and leave them for around 15 minutes to gel prior to eating it.

The gel coating that forms around chia seeds when they come in contact with fluids helps waste move through your digestive tract.

Be careful to not eat too many chia seeds simultaneously. When you have never eaten them before, start by ingesting 3 — 5 seeds, then gradually increasing them to a teaspoon. Since chia seeds consume a great deal of water, it’s important that you stay sufficiently hydrated when ingesting them.

4. Whole Grains

Unrefined, unprocessed and whole grains are a excellent source of fiber. When grains experience processing and be elegant, they shed the majority of their nutrients such as fiber.

Rather than being a nutritious food thing, they become cause of many issues like obesity, high cholesterol, obesity, sugar spike and constipation.

Shifting to whole grains from processed grains won’t only help with you low fiber problem but also be advantageous to you overall.

So, rather than eating white bread for your breakfast, go for whole grain bread that contains 4 g of fiber in comparison to just 2 grams. Elect for brown rice, which contains 3.5 grams of fiber rather than white rice which has just 1.4 g.

Modest changes in your daily diet will eventually lead to better and much healthier diet to your body.

5. Beans

Beans are part of legume food category and one cup of any legumes, boiled, comprises about 15 grams of fiber. These include lima beans, black beans, kidney beans and black skinned legumes.

Beans are a versatile food thing and can be added into your diet in many different ways. In reality, lots of worldwide cuisines contain beans due to their versatility and nutritional advantages.

You can sprinkle them on salads, season black beans with olive oil, garlic and cumin to eat as a side dish or use beans to make a dip.

Kidney beans or black beans may also be added to eggs. Insert them when the eggs are nearly done and blend them up till the eggs are firm. Or only add cooked beans to omelet.

Should you fancy a Mediterranean dish, then add cooked white kidney beans to a tomato based tomato sauce. The possibilities are endless.

6. Carrots

You may have heard of carrot being good for eyes if you were child, as a consequence of which you probably stuffed a great deal with it.

When it may or may not have worked for your eyes, carrots are definitely great for your digestive tract.

This Bugs Bunny favored is a fantastic vegetable to bite on when you’re craving junk or sugary food between breakfast and lunch or post — lunch.

Not only are they really a great source of fiber — a 100-gram serving of raw baby carrots has 2.9 g of fiber, and a half cup of carrots has 2.3 grams — they’re also full of beta-carotenefiber, fiber, vitamin K, potassium and antioxidants.

7. Lentils (Pulses)

Lentils are the celebrities of almost any kitchen — that they require less time to cook, are more delicious to taste and include plenty of nutrients such as proteins, fiber, vitamin A, B, B, C and D, minerals like iron and magnesium, with nominal or no cholesterol and fat content.

You can make lentil soups, dals, stews, dips and spreads. You might even eat them by making porridge of red lentils.  They’re also a good substitute for meat because of their meaty taste.

Or, another time you visit an Indian restaurant, then select dal rather than lamb curry. You have to experience Indian cuisine’s spicy flavor while also supplying your body with healthy diet.

8. Pears

Sweet, juicy and rich flavored pears are considerably loved fruits, notably by infants and kids. A good source of fiber, 100 g of pears provide 3.1 gram of fiber, frequent ingestion of the fruits may aid in preventing colon cancer.

Apart from fiber, they are also packed with nutrients including antioxidantsvitamins, and vitamins, which are essential for optimal wellness. Minerals like iron, magnesium, potassium, manganese and magnesium in addition to B-complex vitamins such as folates, riboflavin and vitamin B-6 along with vitamin A and vitamin C.

You can snack on them by keeping a pear alongside your office lunch. Put them in salads to produce sweet salads, create pear dips or create a sweet potato pear soup.

You can also give them to babies should they seem to be suffering from digestive issues. Cut out a few strips of pear and allow the babies suck on it.

9. Brussels Sprouts

1 cup of Brussels sprouts contains 4.1 grams of fiber. Each sprout contains 0.5 grams of fiber, so it all just adds up.

They are abundant with anti — oxidants and contain anti — inflammatory qualities, which makes them one of the better fiber rich foods. Brussels sprouts may also be utilized at a detox and could help prevent certain cancers.

They are a superb source of vitamin C and vitamin K. They are a very good supply of many nutrients such as folate, manganese, vitamin B6, dietary fiber, vitamin B1, potassium, phosphorus and omega-3 fatty acids.

You can make grilled curry cheese with Brussels sprouts, unite carrots with creamy dips or merely make a raw avocado along with Brussels sprouts salad.

10. Coconut

A 100 gram serving of coconut comprises 9 grams of fiber. Apart from fiber, coconuts include vitamins C, vitamin E, and B, minerals such as magnesium, iron, magnesium, calcium and phosphorous. Coconut milk is lactose free so it may be utilised as a substitute to cow’s milk from lactose intolerant folks.

Coconut is a delicious fruit, top eaten raw. Apart from eating it raw, you can drink coconut oil, apply coconut oil to get sautéing, cut up coconut in shred and then toast it to add it into your yogurt or granola for a crispy feel.

You may even add coconut milk to make smoothies, coffee or curry. You might want to try gluten free pancakes by using banana and coconut to generate pan cake batter.

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Natural Ways To Treat A Fire Ant Sting

Fire ants are not a native of United States of America; nevertheless, they are now present in large numbers, all over the country. They are red-brown and black in color, about ¼ inches in length. Their nests can usually be found in grass covered areas like pastures, fields and lawns. These ants have the resilience…

Fire ants aren’t a native of United States of America; nevertheless, they are now present in large quantities, all around the country.

They are red-brown and black in colour, about 1/4 inches in length. Their nests can normally be found in grass covered regions like pastures, yards and fields.

These rodents have the capability to withstand the apocalypse. Seriously. It would take 2 weeks of temperatures below 10°F to destroy an whole colony; and an entire colony can include up to 200,000 ants. They are also able to feed on crops and animals, apart from insects. Additionally, the can’t be drowned in water. They form a nest from water and float into a sterile place. It will not help that fire ants don’t own a predator at the USA, thus causing their population to develop considerably.

Fire bees live in large amounts and can be very aggressive during attacks when their nests are disturbed. They don’t as much as sting, as they sting. Fire ants attack in swarms and every fire ant can sting many times.

When you are bitten by a fire ant, then you will notice it. The sting causes a burning sensation and leaves a group of swollen red spots that may develop a blister on top. Some people May Have an allergic reaction to the sting, which comprises:

  • Being Not Able to breathe
  • Length of tongue
  • Dizziness
  • Confusion
  • Unconsciousness

If you notice any of the aforementioned reactions, you have to find medical care right away.

However, allergic reaction to fire ants isn’t so common. Most often than not, you can try out the under given hints to treat a fire ant sting.

natural remedies to treat fire ant sting

Cold Water

When you find the sting, wash the region with cold water and soap. Gently clean the area to remove any dirt so the area does not get infected.

Ice packs

Use an ice pack, or wrap a cube of ice in a towel, and press it around the affected region. Ice the sting for a quarter hour, followed by a 15 minute interval. Don’t place ice directly on to the skin since it could get stuck into it.

Ice cubes may assist in preventing swelling or swelling. It also offers a cooling effect in a burning bite, thereby relieving some of the pain.

Soap Bar

The simplest available remedy is an anti fungal soap soap bar. Whenever you understand you were stung by a fire ant, press the bar of soap gently and rub it around the affected location.

This will produce a protective coating to prevent infections and prevent bacteria from getting deeper inside the skin.

Pressing soap bar is also a fantastic means to reduce pain, inflammation and itching from the beverage.

Lemon Juice

Lemon is a natural antiseptic and is used to treat issues related to skin like, sun burn, bee stings, eczema as well as others. It can also be used in case of a fire ant bite.

It helps to reduce the strain and the irritation which might be brought on by the sting. Just squeeze several lemons to acquire fresh and natural juice out of them. Now use it on the affected area of the skin. Wash with warm water after 20 — 30 minutes.

You can follow this procedure till you see some outcome from this suggestion.


Vinegar contains antibacterial properties. This naturally occurring property lets vinegar to stop any bacterial infection on the surface of the skin.

Mix vinegar with some water and use it immediately following the fire ant stings. It will care for the irritating sensation felt following the sting.


Aspirins can be employed to give relief from acute insect bites, for example, sting of a fire ant as it contains anti-inflammatory properties.

Crush an aspirin pill. Mix it with very little water to turn it into a paste. Now apply the affected area of the skin. Leave it overnight to get relief.


Toothpaste is broadly advocated for lots of issues, such as burns, mosquito bites and others. Presence of methanol or peppermint from toothpastes provides a cooling sensation when applied.

When applied on a fire ant sting, toothpaste may purify the area, providing you with a relief from itching and pain. It will counter the burning feeling of the sting with a cooling influence. In addition, it prevents the area from swelling because program of toothpaste masks the histamine action.


Cucumbers have anti-inflammatory properties which help to cool down any inflammation in your body, or on it. It is a powerful treatment for immediate relief from the sting.

When a fire ant bites you, then have a cucumber, slice it into pieces and rub them on your skin. By gently massaging the affected area with lemon, you will be given a relief from discomfort and irritation of the bite and also encounter a cooling sensation.


Calamine is widely known for its benefits to your skin. It’s been used to reduce itching against mosquito bites, chicken pox, bee stings and ant stings.

Calamine can sooth skin and supply relief out of itching. Additionally, it prevents inflammation of skin.

Throughout a fire ant sting, apply copious quantities of calamine around the affected area and leave it till the itching and pain in the sting subsides. Program of calamine cream will cure fire ant stings completely.


Salt works as a good exfoliate for skin, since it cleans the pores deep down. Additionally, it has anti-bacterial properties which prevents infection in the skin.

Mix salt with water to make a paste. Apply it on the skin properly to earn a coat of it onto the surface of the epidermis. The coat will stop itching, swelling and any potential infection while also preventing you from inadvertently scratching it.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is most basic in nature and implementing it on the sting will restore the pH balance in the affected area of the skin.

Just take a baking soda and blend it with warm water to produce a paste. Apply it on the affected areas and then make a thin coat of itcovering the whole area where the fire fighters stung. Leave it on for a few time.  The paste will prevent itching and infection that might be caused because of the sting.


Alcohol or some other drink with higher alcohol content could be substituted on insect bites and stings to reduce itching and pain, while also preventing swelling.

Take a bottle of vodka, mouthwash, hand sanitizer or just straightforward alcohol and dab on a few of it on the affected place. Keep applying fresh coats before the itching and pain subsides.

While these treatments are quite effective when dealing with regular fire ant sting reactions, keep in mind that an allergic reaction may be harmful to you and you should get immediate medical care.

And as much as you can, avoid those fiery red fire ants as we mentioned, they can be quite competitive.

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